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  • Student Regulations

    NOTICE?。?! Important notice on non-motorized vehicle(electric bycicle) riding


    The following instructions are made in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Please make sure to read them carefully and conduct no violations. Violations no matter caused intentionally or negligently may result in administrative penalty, civil liability or even criminal penalty depending on the severity and consequences.


    1. Within 15 days after purchase of the vehicle the owner should apply to the authority for license plate. Riding unlicensed or prohibited vehicle leads to a penalty of 50-200 RMB.


    2. The rider should be above 16 years old.


    3. Non-motorized vehicle are not allowed to carry any passenger.


    4. Riding assembled or reconfigured non-motorized vehicle, e.g. two battery electic bycicle is prohibited by law and leads to penalties.


    5. Non-motorized vehicle is not allowed to drive on the motorized vehicle roadways, as well as high-ways, elevated roads or crossriver tunnels and bridges.


    6.Slow down when approaching pedestrian crossing. Give way to the pedestrian whether there are traffic lights or not.


    7.Maximum speed is 15KM/H.


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